Saturday, 16 January 2016


A creative way to present your pineapple and other summer fruit is to use the pineapple as a bowl. One pineapple will provide 2 bowls.
Remove any brown and/or discolored leaves. To create a base, cut a thin slice from each half of the pineapple.
With a large cutlery knife, cut the pineapple (including the crown) in half.
Remove the core of each pineapple half by creating a V cut from top to bottom of the core. After completing a V cut, slice each end straight across, remove core.
Using a curved, serrated knife, remove the fresh pineapple from each half.
Cut pineapple into chunks and place in the pineapple bowl.
Add other fresh fruits if desired. A pineapple bowl can also be used to hold cold salads and desserts

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Chef Ravi