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Chocolate-covered Strawberries Dipped in Pop Rocks
Many modern chefs do not accept the term molecular gastronomy to describe their style of cooking and prefer other terms like "modern cuisine", "modernist cuisine", "experimental cuisine" or "avant-garde cuisine". Heston Blumenthal says molecular gastronomy makes cuisine sound elitist and inaccessible, as though you need a degree in rocket science to enjoy it. In the end, molecular gastronomy or molecular cuisine - or whatever you want to call this cooking style - refers to experimental restaurant cooking driven by the desire of modern cooks to explore the world's wide variety of ingredients, tools and techniques. Molecular gastronomy research starts in the kitchen where chefs study how food tastes and behaves under different temperatures, pressures and other scientific conditions.
What if we told you we had a super-easy recipe that could cover all three? Think about it, with these chocolate and pop rock-covered strawberries, you could be watching fireworks and enjoying fun sugar explosions in. your. Mouth. All you need are strawberries and the ability to dip them twice: once in chocolate and once in pop rocks. And there you have it.

The Science behind It: 
ü  Popping Sugar and effervescence. Effervescence is a chemical reaction that results in the release of gas and the formation of foam, fizz and bubbles.
Besides drinking soda, you can get an effervescent effect on your own in your desserts using popping sugar (Pop Rocks). Popping sugar is essentially sugar that contains carbon dioxide. Once this type of sugar melts, usually as a result of contact with moisture, the carbon dioxide gas is released, resulting in a popping sensation that is felt in your mouth as you eat it. Fortunately, mixing it with melted chocolate alone (like in the recipe below) will not melt it, as the oils and fats normally found in chocolate don’t trigger the melting process.
Chocolate (Milk, Dark or White)
Popping sugar (like Pop Rocks)

How to Make It: 
ü  Melt chocolate, dip strawberries into the chocolate and then dip them into the popping sugar. Let the chocolate and popping sugar-covered strawberries cool and then eat them.

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