Friday, 14 November 2014


                                                Flour                            1 lb 2 oz
                                                Sugar                           3 ½ oz
                                                Butter                          3 ½ oz
                                                Eggs fresh                   1 ea
                                                Egg yolks fresh           2 ea
                                                Milk                             7 oz
                                                Salt                              ½ Tb spoon
                                                Yeast dry                    ½ oz


1.      Mix the yeast with the milk.
2.      Mix the flour, sugar, salt together.
3.      Add the the milk & yeast mixture to the flour, add the egg yolks, fresh egg.
4.      Mix the dough till the dough leaves the walls of the mixing bowl.
5.      Let the dough rest for 10 mins & then add the soft butter till the dough is smooth.
6.      Shape & deep fry, dust with powder sugar

7.      Stuff with appropriate filling ( ganache, strawberry jam or apricot glaze).