Sunday, 7 April 2013

 Amazing Facts

1.  Rubber is one of the ingredients in bubble gum.
2.  In ancient China, people committed suicide by eating a pound of salt.
3.  The average coach airline meal costs the airline $4.00; The average first class meal: $50.
4.  By 3,000 B.C there were at least six different types of beer in Egypt.
5.  It takes up to four hours to hard boil an ostrich egg.
6.  Coconuts kill more people in the world than sharks do; Approximately 150 people are killed           each year by coconuts.
7.  It takes twelve years of corn to make a tablespoon of corn oil.
8.  Grapes explode when you put them in the microwave.
9.  Each year, the average family uses about 18,000 gallons of water just to do its laundry!
10.An apple, potato, and onion all taste the same if you eat them with your nose plugged.
11. Smokers eat more sugar than non-smokers do.
12. Worcestershire Sauce is basically an Anchovy ketchup.
13. In India, pickled ginger, minced mutton, and a cottage cheese like substances are popular pizza       toppings.
14. Coca-Cola was the first soft drink to be consumed in outer space.
15. Honey is used sometimes for antifreeze mixtures and in the center of golf balls.
16. During your lifetime, you'll eat about 60,000 pounds of food, that's the weight of about 6                  elephants.
17. A company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat, so you can eat your plate!
18.Strawberries have more vitamin c than oranges.
19. Bananas aren't fruit! They are a type of herb.
20. 50% of U.S pizzas are sold with pepperoni on them.