Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Rice Noodels
Ingredients :
Rice Floor - 8 cups
Water - 12- 14 cups
Salt to taste 

 Method :

  1. Bring water and salt to boil in a thick bottomed wide pan.When water starts boiling  add rice flour and cook on low flame for about  10  mins. Then mix flour with water. It should be harder than chapatti batter consistency. Close the pan partially with lid and let it cook for  10 min .
  2. Take of the mixture and let it cool for some time so that you can handle the heat
  3. Knead the flour well and remove any lumps etc and make them into cylindrical balls. These balls should measure one palm length.
  4. Keep a big vessel with water  and bring it to boil. Add the above balls into it and let it boil for 10 - 15 min or alternatively you can  take these balls in a vessel/idli plates and steam cook them for 10- 15 mins.
  5. Carefully transfer each ball to  chakkli pressing machine and press them on a plate  make sure that you will put the plate with small holes for pressing.
  6. Let these noodles cool down.

This is plain noodels you can make many varieties of noodles from this plain noodles i am blogging the traditional tastes. 

Sesame and Jaggery and peanuts Powder (Sweet)

White Sesame : 4 Tsp
     Peanuts -  6 tsp.
     Jaggery :1/2 cup or more according to taste

Roast sesame seeds and peanuts on low heat in a thick bottomed pan till it turns golden brown.

Grind sesame seeds, peanuts and  jaggery  to a coarse powder.

 Sprinkle this over the noodles and eat . you can add khus khus kheer (gasa gase Payasa - will post the recipe of this soon  ) for the above if you dont like it dry. 

Lemon Noodles.
Ingredients :

Oil : 3 tbsp
Mustard seeds : 2 tsp
Peanuts : 4 Tsp.
chanadal : 1 tbsp
uraddal : 1tbsp
Turmeric : 1tsp
Green Chillies : 20 (slit vertically)
Curry Leaves : from 4 lines
Corriender leaves for garnishing

Heat oil. Add mustard, when it stops popping, add peanuts and dals and let them turn golden brown. Add turmeric, slit green chillies and currleaves and switch off the stove.
Pour this over plain shavige and add salt, lemon juice, grated fresh coconut, chopped coriander leaves and mix well and serve.

you can make varieties by adding vegetables and masalas tooo... 

please do post your comments and suggestions.... happy cooking ..........