Monday, 13 February 2012


INGREDIENTS                                Qty

Spinach(puree)                                1/2 cup
Peas                                                1cup
Cumin Powder                                 1tsp
chickpea flour(roasted)                     1/2 Cup    
Ginger(fine chopped)                        2tsp
Green Chilli Powder(fine chopped)    4 no
Chilli Powder                                    2 tbsp
Oil                                                    For frying
Salt                                                  To Taste

1. clean, wash and blanch the peas and spinach. leave in colander(strainer) to drain.
2. squeeze out excess liquid and grind the greens to a paste.
3. Arrange the bowl and pour the paste(paste should be dry).
4. Add chickpea flour in the bowl, chilli powder, ginger, salt, cumin powder and green chillies.
5. Mix the mixture properly and give the shape into balls of desired size, and flatten then a little.
6. Heat a non-stick frying pan with a think layer of ghee,place the kababs in it over hight heat.
7. Turn and then continue cooking over medium heat till brown, first on one side then the other.
    (wow what a crispy and golden colour comes out)
8. Serve accompanied with mint sauce.

(chef tips):
1. Always keep one think in your mind whenever you cook kabab. it mixture should be dry because if      liquid present in your mixture then your kabab will break while the time of frying.
2. chickpea flour is a binding agent who helps the make balls in desired shape.
3. you can use the corn flour if chickpea flour is not possible.