Sunday, 18 September 2011

~ Happy First Birthday ~

Today on the occasion of First Birthday -
(The Hut in the logo is a symbolic representation of our
individual Home Sweet Home whereas the Smoke
indicates that we mommies are there in the kitchen
trying out new funlicious foods to make
our little ones healthy & happy .....)

TASTE ON MY PLATE not just a mere blog for me
it is a canvas of my love & passion . It is my plate to meet
new friends & to express myself . It is a destination sans all social
& cultural boundaries. With only one unspoken universal language -
of millions & millions little smiles spread all over the world.

Its been a great year .. Thank you all for viewing my creations
commenting , motivating & following. Little Food Junction
wouldn't have be the same without you ........

Looking forward for your love and support today n always !

warm regards... chef ravi rai